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大容量タンク22,2リッター 夢のような製品があるらしいのですが?


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Ca Cycleworks HM69 fuel tank specifications:
* Usable capacity: 6.4 US gallons (22.2 liters),

allowing for more than 200 miles between fueling stations.
* Lifetime replacement warranty (limited to the tank itself),

including damage resulting from improper installation.
* Manufactured in
black for the best appearance on both red and black motorcycles.
* MSRP: $799 (
click here to purchase)
* Made with PEX (cross-linked polyethylene), considered by the plastics industry the choice material for rotationally molded fuel cells.
* The HM69 tank is 25% thicker than the OEM fuel cell for increased strength.
* The HM69 tank’s polyethylene is uniformly

compounded to ensure consistent cross-linking (best of industry practice).
* Each tank has a unique serial number.
* Meets NHSTA and DOT rules covering filling rates as

the HM69 fuel tank uses the OEM Ducati components for these functions.

* All parts are Made in USA by manufacturers in Southern California, eliminating availability problems.

In the course of the 5 years we have been working on providing alternatives to the OEM fuel tanks (and fuel pumps) for Ducati MH900e, Monster, and HM1100 motorcycles, a tremendous amount of research has been made ensuring that our products exceed requirements for road going motorcycles. (Monster tank is still in development) We researched DOT, NHSTA, CARB, and SAE for standards, guidelines, and suggested practices. Through the entire process of developing the HM1100 tank, ALL ASPECTS of "best of industry" practices have been applied to the design and manufacturer with the goal of the safest product possible.

Fuel tank kit includes:
* HM69 fuel cell
* Pair of ISO 5011 certified, pod-type, cotton air filters from
S&B filters
* New, longer starter cable
* Longer screws and spacers for mounting rear coil to the tank
* Additional replacement hardware

Our hope with the HM69 fuel tank is to bring HM1100 owners enhanced enjoyment of their bikes via increased fuel range. To help Ducati dealers bring this same enjoyment to their customers, we have implemented an aggressive dealer pricing program. Please do not hesitate to contact us about the fuel tank’s construction, specs, shipping information, or anything else we can help you with.

Link to folder with Press Release type of pictures:


Ca Cycleworks HM69のタンク仕様 「USA 南カリフォルニア製」
6.4ガロン 1回の燃料補給で連続走行200マイル以上を実現する
(製品タンク自体に保証範囲は制限されます) 製品の外見は黒色で、PEX素材ポリエチレン製 

ドゥカティ純正の燃料タンクは約12,4 リッター足らずです。


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